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Spring Show : April 2nd, 2022 2 PM / 7 PM


Thank you for supporting the North Iowa Figure Skating Club (NIFSC). Each year the NIFSC provides quality recreational and competitive figure skating programs for the youth of the North Iowa Area. This year we are working toward expanding our program to include beginner classes for ages 3 to adult as well as the classes for our general membership.

The North Iowa Figure Skating Club needs your help to offset the operating expenses of the club. Without your support, registration fees would not be affordable. The only sources of revenue for the club are memberships, fundraisers, donations and sponsorships. Registration fees alone only cover about 50% of our annual operating expenses. No taxpayer dollars are used to support the programs or facilities utilized by NIFSC. Your tax deductible deduction* will help the NIFSC continue to provide a quality figure skating program while offsetting the rising costs of providing these programs to interested North Iowa Youth.